In addition to our Letting Services we also provide a Full Management Service which gives you the peace of mind that Abby Homes will deal with everything that comes after your tenants have moved in.

Collection of rent

Like many of our Landlords should you choose to use our management service Abby Homes can collect rent on your behalf and make a transfer into your bank account on a monthly basis by one single direct debit payment.

Monthly financial statements

To ensure your accounting is in order, Abby Homes will email you a monthly breakdown of any costs and repairs incurred, along with confirmation on the rental amount paid, each and every month your property is let through us.

Organising a professional clean

A professional clean is always recommended before any new tenancy commences. We have a long standing relationship with a number of local cleaning companies and can happily arrange this for you.

Arranging payment of outgoings

We can arrange for your ground rent, service charge and other fees to be paid from the incoming rent, if instructed by you.

Arranging repairs and maintenance

Our Maintenance Team will liaise directly with you and your tenants and arrange for any quotations and repairs to be carried out where appropriate.

24 hour call out service

Your tenants will be provided with a 24 hour notice in the event of an emergency. Advice is given to your tenants at the commencement of the tenancy as to what constitutes as an emergency.

Six Months Visual Tenancy Check

Abby Homes will carry out inspection check during your tenancy agreement, this will involve a member of the Abby Homes management team visiting the property and conducting a viewing of the premises to ensure tenants are looking after your property and keeping to the terms and condition of the tenancy agreement.

Managing the check out service

Your tenants will be checked out of the property at the end of the tenancy when provided with a full inventory prior to the tenants taking occupancy.

Advising on deposit deductions

Our Management team will be on hand to advise you on any suggested deductions once the check out report has been received, providing a full inventory was carried out prior to the tenants taking occupancy. Plus we can arrange for additional quotations to be compiled based on these findings.

Management of the property whilst vacant

Abby Homes can arrange for works to be carried out, or regular visits of your property whilst there is no active tenancy in place and no tenants in situ.

Subject to terms and condition T&C.