At Abby Homes we always try to ensure our prices are as transparent as possible and we try to offer a variety of pricing options to meet your needs, We pride ourselves on offering the most innovative services with the sole focus on ensuring you are delighted with the results.

We offer three services and the benefits you receive from each service are listed in the below table:

  • Lettings & Management Fees: From 12% including VAT
  • Lettings only Fees: From 10% including VAT
  • Subscription Services From:

    1 Bed £70pcm
    2 Beds £90pcm
    3 Beds £120pcm
    4 Beds £140pcm
    5 Beds £160pcm
    (Minimum 36 months recurring payment, includes vat)
    No renewal fees, no large upfront fees.

If the above fees are negotiated then some of the services may be affected.

Please be aware that in part of the Terms and Conditions with all properties a deposit is required to secure your interest. Deposits can be retained if for any reason the property deal does not go through to cover the loss of any admin fee however this is under management discretion.

We do understand that sometimes the property market and pricing can be a little difficult to fully understand, so if there is ever anything at all you are unsure of please give one of our friendly members of the Abby Homes team a call on 0207 538 4411.